STEMulatingMinds is:An energetic group of professionals that bring exciting STEM events right here in Howard County! The goals of our events are to stimulate and encourage student interest and parental awareness of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). More importantly: these events are designed to tap into ALL our inner STEM abilities and demonstrate how they are used in our everyday lives. If you would like to “meet” the Committee, please use the available link: Meet the Committee.

View the 2016 HoCoSTEMFestival page HERE!

(and here’s the flyer if you’d like to help spread the word)

The ever growing and popular event at Howard Community College will take place from 1 – 5:00 pm on Sunday the 5th. Ink us on your calendars!

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HoCo STEM Festival

Welcome to our original and flagship event! Each year at Howard Community College has built on the previous successes and modifications have been made from year to year to better suit the Festival’s growing needs and popularity.   Information for Visitors:  Here you’ll find everything you need to know about spending your day with us Sunday afternoon…

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Beyond Our Events

Can’t get enough STEM related activities, topics, and ideas? Use the links on this page to see what the friends of STEMulatingMinds have in store for you!

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Sites in the STEMulatingMinds Showcase

With the thousands of websites that are available to you, the featured list below include some of the STEMulatingMinds Committee’s preferred sites. Either through our work or interests, they are sure to assist you in your STEM needs. Look to our full list to begin your online STEM requirements.   STEMaction, Inc. The STEMulatingMinds parent organization, STEMaction…

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